Apply for Vehicle Finance and Insurance

Our qualified and experienced Finance and Insurance Manager can arrange your finance and insurance to ensure you receive the best deal possible for your financial profile. Please feel free to contact us for assistance, queries or product advice.

STRUBEN STREET MOTORS is an authorised representative in terms of the FAIS Act Financial Services Board, FSP Number 32023.


  • FINANCE IN YOUR PERSONAL NAME: Valid ID or passport -Drivers License -Proof of residence and income (salary slip or bank statements) not older than 3/12 months,cover note for motor insurance.
  • FINANCE IN YOUR COMPANIES NAME: Valid ID or passport -Drivers License -Proof of residence OF ALL MEMBERS/DIRECTORS . CC/PTY proof of address,founding statement (cc),recent 3 months bank statements, latest financial statements (balance sheet/income statement), cover note for motor insurance.
  • BUYING CASH: Valid ID or passport -Drivers License -Proof of residence not older than 3/12 months,cover note for motor insurance and proof of payment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: please bring all your ORIGINAL documents with you on the day of delivery,without this we cannot release the vehicle.

* non-SA citizens:
-passport with work permit
-full employment contract,proof of SA address ,proof of income with bank statements in SA, vehicle can only be financed for a term not exceeding work permit permit for 48 months then can only apply for finance for 48 month.

*temporary driving license:  pls provide receipt of renewal from home affairs

*married in COP :  both parties (husband and wife) attendance for delivery

*proof residence:  statements NOT invoices eg) electricity, levy accounts, lease agreement if u rent. Lodgers: affidavit from police station made by owner of property with his ID and Proof of address.


how long do you intend keeping this vehicle for?...........................

pls indicate the estimated km you will be travelling per month/ per year.................

how many vehicle do you currently have in your possesion.........

where did you hear about us?.....................................


Once your application has been pre-approved from the financial institution, our Finance &Insurance team will be contacting you direct to discuss value added products:

(All products listed below are subject to policy terms and conditions)

-Comprehensive Motor Insurance
This policy covers your vehicle against theft,hijacking and cost of accident repairs and is a condition of your finance agreement that the vehicle must be comprehensively insured at all times.

-Warranty/Extended Warranty
This policy covers you in the event of an unforeseen breakdown of the mechanical components of the vehicle. Benefits are determined and limited by the mileage and age of the vehicle. Extended warranty can be taken whilst vehicle is still under manufacturer’s warranty.

-Maintenance or Service Plan
This policy covers you in the event of not having funds available for repairs in the event of mechanical failure.

-Credit Life
This policy covers you in the event that you are unable to meet your vehicle finance obligation due to unforeseen misfortunes such as death, disability, retrenchment or dreaded disease.

-Credit Shortfall
This policy assists in the event of total loss or theft of your vehicle and covers the shortfall between the settlement amount from your finance institution and the amount paid by the comprehensive insurer.

-Car Care Voucher
Covers your vehicle against minor chips or dents or scratches, windscreen chips or cracks and entitles you to a complimentary wash and vacuum after every repair. Can be used once a month.

-Smash and Grab

-Car Track

-Deposit cover

This policy covers you in the unforeseen event of your vehicle being written off due to total loss or theft or hijacking and provides money to use as a deposit towards a replacement vehicle.

All applications are treated with the utmost privacy.

We look forward to assisting you in financing your new vehicle purchase at the best rate possible and advising you on the most suitable value added products recommended for your vehicle needs.

The F&I team

Willie Barker and Maria Booysen

Finance and Insurance Managers

Representative of FSP:32023